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Flood your entire home with fast internet. Up to 10 rooms, 3 floors and 20 devices. This reliable option is designed to eliminate dead areas in your home and is the perfect solution for those who enjoy high resolution streaming and gaming.
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Let us explain how it works

We provide you with a dual band AC1900 mesh system. Sounds confusing, right? That basically means that the two high performance wireless routers your given deliver fast and reliable wireless connectivity throughout all corners of your property.

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High performance wireless capability

The AC1900 dual band mesh system uses the latest MIMO wireless technology to deliver wireless speeds up to 1300Mbps on the 5GHz frequency.

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Prioritise the important stuff

The AC1900 mesh system we use with our WiFi Complete service features Adaptive QoS (quality of service). That means the router allows you to prioritise applications and tasks over others. For example, you could make sure streaming takes priority over gaming or vice versa. Pretty nifty, ey?

User friendly parental controls Icon

User friendly parental controls

Easily configure, monitor and disable settings on your router from the ASUS mobile app. Advanced parental controls allow you to manage the internet activity in your household to monitor or restrict the online experience of each family member or device.

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Freedom to roam

The mesh system monitors the wireless signal strength to your device and switches it seamlessly to another access point when necessary.

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Ethernet backhaul enabled

Users with on-wall Ethernet ports can create a wired connection between the routers in their network. This provides fast and reliable inter-router communication for even more stable WiFi.

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