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Not only is this package available for an incredible price, it also offers you a fantastic online experience. Game, stream and play as much as you’d like across multiple devices with this unlimited superfast connection.

Have you been with your existing provider for longer than 18 months? It’s likely you’re now on a rolling contract and can switch to this package. It's available for any new purebroadband customers PLUS our existing loyal wireless customers.

Alternatively call our team on 01482 778838 or message us on Facebook

Terms and conditions apply. Contract length 12 months - price returns to standard retail price after contract term however you will be placed on to a rolling contract and be able to switch to another package at this point should you wish to do so. Offer ends 14th September 2020. Offer isn't available to existing purebroadband fibre customers. Unlimited internet. Speeds: 30Mbps download and 15Mbps upload.