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Pure Prime - Terms And Conditions

By ticking the confirmation box on the order form this constitutes acceptance of all the terms and conditions.

Once an order has been placed a survey will be arranged for the installation of the fibre. Once the fee has been agreed this must be paid in full before the fibre can be installed. If the installation fee for the fibre isn’t accepted then you will be refunded in full for your initial payment.

At the point of order the connection fee, your first month’s internet subscription, and any additional add-ons will be debited from your selected payment method. Your first month’s payment will be added as credit and only activated when the service has gone live.

If selected, a wireless router will be sent to the address specified on the order portal, please refer to the guide included with the router that explains how to get connected. Purebroadband will not be responsible for any routers other than those provided directly by Purebroadband.

All internet services are paid in advance therefore will be collected 1 month from the date of your activation and subsequently on this same date for the remainder of your contract.

Failure to make payment may result in your service being suspended, we reserve the right to charge a £3.00 reconnection fee.

Contracts must be paid in full if you wish to cancel your services before the end of the agreed term, failure to fulfill the payment terms of the contract may result in court proceedings.

Although the routers provided by Purebroadband are of a very high standard we cannot guarantee internet speeds when connecting wirelessly to your router. For an accurate reading of your speed, tests must be made wired directly to one of the four LAN ports on the router provided. All of our routers come with a one-year guarantee from Purebroadband and a 3-year manufactures guarantee.

We aim to meet the standards of our SLA (service level agreement), in the event the SLA is breached you can make an official complaint to our customer service team using the following email