If you’re reading this post it’s likely that you’re just about to move into a house and are preparing everything for the big move! 

Buying a house is an incredibly exciting event… but it can be equally just as stressful.  

Here’s a breakdown of the essential utilities you’ll need to set up ready for your move-in date:

Gas & Electric

Firstly you’ll need to find the gas and electric meters in your home. Take note of the readings on the first day you move in and keep them handy. When you move into a new home you’ll automatically use the previous occupiers energy supplier, find out who that is and call them with your meter readings as soon as you move in. They’ll usually put you on their standard tariff at that point which can be pricey. Look around for cheaper deals using price comparison websites and you’ll be able to switch from there. 


Good news - this is one of the easiest bills to sort when you move into your new home! Each area in the UK has its own specific water supplier so there’s no shopping around required like there is with your gas and electric bill. Simply contact your supplier and they’ll take all your customer details down and set up your payments. If you’re in the Hull area, like many of our customers, then your supplier will be Yorkshire Water and the number to call is 0345 124 2424.


In most homes, WiFi is seen as almost as important as water! It’s seen as the fourth utility these days… what would you do if you moved in and weren’t able to connect all your devices up to the internet, stream TV and play games online? Don’t let your house move mean you have to say goodbye to your normal lifestyle. 

Want to have your internet connection in place for when you move into your new home?

We have packages available across the country with a variety of speeds and usage terms available so you can choose the right one for your family. See our packages here.

Contact us today to enquire about installing purebroadband in your new home, our team are happy to help and answer any questions you might have.