With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), we want to keep all of our valued customers informed on firstly how we are responding to the pandemic and also some changes to our operations. We understand as a telecommunication provider the utmost importance of ensuring all services remain resilient during this time.

All staff members have had their working environment assessed and are now working from home. We have ensured all members of staff have the necessary equipment to carry out their job roles from their home environment. This means all departments will operate the same working hours as usual so if at any point you require assistance we will be on hand.

Network Engineers have been well equipped with the necessary PPE and network equipment to deal with any emergency network faults or failures.

When possible we would prefer all payments to be made via card or bank transfer to avoid human contact. As a worst-case scenario, we will have a cash drop service available between 10am - 12pm daily. if you wish to use this service simply ring the intercom system at the shop door and a member of staff will provide further instruction.

We will continue to keep all our customers updated on everything that is going on here at Purebroadband. We would like to thank all of our staff and valued customers for their cooperation at this difficult time.