Get more out of your wireless internet with these 9 tried and tested tips. With a few tweaks, you could enjoy a faster and more reliable connection in your home:

#1 Avoid any interface

The positioning of your router can make a massive impact on the strength of your connection so be sure to avoid microwaves, smart meters, baby monitors, radios etc.

#2 Extend your router's range

Install your router in an open space, this will allow the signal from your router to travel further. 

#3 Check the legacy of the router

If your router is old and outdated, replacing it will improve your connection. It’s like upgrading your mobile phone, the newer models are faster and more reliable.

#4 Adjust the antennas 

Make sure the antennas on your router face in the correct direction.

#5 Replace the LAN/WAN cable 

Aged cables can have detrimental effects against speeds so be sure to upgrade when needed.

#6 Extend the LAN cable 

Check to see if your ONT/POE brick can have an extended LAN cable to allow the router to be in the desired location (5-10 metres away from the ethernet cable).

#7 You can change your Wifi channel 

Changing the channel will allow you to see if there's another option that will provide you with a better connection. Email us to request our ‘how to change a channel’ instructions for your router. We always recommend that you do a speed test before you change the channel and afterwards so you can analyse the results to find the best fit.

#8 Implement powerline adapters

These are an alternative to running ethernet cables through your wall to get your internet connection to other areas in the home. Get in touch with our team to see if powerline adapters would improve your wireless network.

#9 Failing these tips, you could make the switch to fibre 

We have a range of ultrafast and unlimited fibre products available in Hull where customers can enjoy some of the best speeds in the country. Packages start from just £39.50 per month.

If you have any more questions about how to improve your internet connection, please get in touch with our team on 01482 778838. Please note that concreted walls in new build properties may struggle to let signals travel through.